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Catching Rainbows

The Color Story of Yellow

The obvious question is “why?” Why go to such length to tell the story of Color?  The answer is simple....  Using color knowledge to sell jewelry product s is not new.  A walk down the cereal aisle in grocery store or a tour around your local car dealership will prove this point.  In today’s market, the color message is stronger and more relevant than ever to shoppers. Color has become that tangible aspect of life that we, as consumers, can control. We have the ability to choose a color that equals our identity.  And in world where things move fast and people are connected instantly, a unique, personal experience becomes a desirable aspect of jewelry products we purchase.

If you are still focusing your gemstones purchases solely on birthstones gems; you will never find the pot of the gold.  You need to catch the rainbow, and we, ate The Jewelry Hut, are here to help you.

  • The Story of Yellow

Yellow is a hue that will take several forms in the fashion and accessories market.  Neon yellow and vivid golden yellow will communicate energy, vitality and excitement. Reminiscent of the 1970s and 1980s, these yellows are part of the Vibe color story.  Mineralized, earthy yellows paired with sand washed pastels create a feeling of nature with an edge as showcased in Natural Edge color story.  Pastel yellow used in classic or Art Deco inspired fashions will also be popular this year.

The Vibe color story was the inspiration for our yellow image. A story of fun times and Retro fashions, we wanted something groovy and stunning in its contrast. The Vibe colors look best in geometric designs.

When searching for colors, keep in mind that the world of gems offers a range of yellows at various price points.  Yellow Sapphire, Citrine, and precious Topaz are most vivd yellows that will excite women. Pastel yellows include Natural Yellow Sapphire, Champagne Diffused Topaz and Yellow Diamonds.


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