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Optimistic, tranquil, energetic

The Color Story of Teal

Bordering between green and blue is teal.  Uplifting, energetic and chic, teal has the earthy quality of green combined with the lofty nature of blue making it a perfect color choice for people who are down to earth yet sophisticated in style.

Native American’s believed teal represented water and fertility. According to Leatrice Eiseman’s book, “Color:  Message and Meaning” Tibetan monks also believed teal was symbolic of the infinity of the sea and sky. For Egyptians, it was the color of truth and faith.

  • Teal in Fashion

In fashion, teal means a hot color.  The blue Music color story demonstrates the popularity of this hue and highlights fashions with variegated coloring and flowing lines.  Mod-inspired designs, a spin-off of the 1070s and 1980s, will highlight bright teal.  Teal is a popular accent hue, adding fun and complexity to brown, pink and black.

  • Teal and the Personality

What does teal say about your personality? Teal lovers are confident and sophisticated. They are compassionate and faithful, protective and serene. Those attracted to teal have a positive outlook on life. They balance a dreamy view with a realistic nature.  This allows them to be creative innovators.

Teals , as with most blues, looks fantastic on almost everyone.  Teal options for jewelry include Blue Zircon, Turquoise, shades of blue Topaz, Teal Diffused Topaz and color-enhanced Blue Diamond.  The Tourmaline family of gems has amazing and unusual teal options; blue/green tourmaline, the deeply colored Indiocolite and dazzling Paraiba Tourmaline are gems to choose from for ladies who are looking for extraordinary elegance jewelry.

  • Buying Teal

For many shoppers, color equals identity.  The ability to select a color that matches a person‘s personality, complexion, wardrobe or lifestyle is an aspect of the shopping experience.  Finally, grouping gems by color, and focusing on personalization opens an entire world of gemstones to female jewelry shoppers.

Teal is the featured color for April.  Teal image reflects water and sky and with a touch of brown, shows the versatility of this hue.


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