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The Color Story of Purple

Somewhere between the passion of red and calmness of blue lies the mystery of purple.  Magical, holy, sensuous, regal, nostalgic and decadent are all words used to describe purple.

The first famous purple was a deep shade of medium dark red-violet known as Tyrian purple. Once reserved for the rich and royal, leaders like Alexander the Great and Cleopatra wore this luxurious color.

As well as being associated with royalty, purple calms the mind and eases the nerves.  Vibrant shades of purple can inspire creativity and invigorate the spirit.  Leonardo Da Vinci believed that the power of meditation increased ten fold when performed in the light of purple stained glass.

  • Purple in Fashion

We see various shades of purple in current fashions. Vivid purples will have a significant presence in designs inspired by the 1970s and 19080s, especially rich satins.  Berry colors, always a fall favorite, will be popular in evening wear designs.  Purple accessories add unexpected passion to 1940s inspired pencil skirts and tailored jackets making business apparel fun, fashionable and functional.  Look for sand-washed purples as complementary hue to earthy greens, browns, and orange, as this pastel color brings sophistication to natural textures and patterns.

  • Purple and the Personality

What does purple say about your personality? Those with a passion for purple are creative and spiritually in-tune with life.  As a combination of red and blue, people who pick purple as their favorite can be balanced, yet exciting or steadfast, yet vivacious. Those attracted to softer purples such as lilac and lavender describe themselves as refined and romantic.

  • Buying Purple

Color is an important form of self-expression for today’s fashion conscious consumers, especially the female self-purchaser. These women value the “experience” and look for unique, customized jewelry products that reflect their life style, personality and dreams.  The Jewelry Hut Custom Jewelry Gallery give you both color and customization, satisfying your demand for fine quality, fashion accessories. For ladies who want to express their royal nature, The Jewelry Hut recommend the richness of gems such as Amethyst, Lolite, and tanzanite.  Gems like pastel purple Sapphire or lavender Chalcedony offer lady jewelry shoppers comforting and romantic options.

Purple is the featured color for March.


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