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The Color Story of Pink

Color is relevant to todayís shoppers as they view a color selection as a form of customization. Gemstone jewelry is the perfect reward as it brings together fashion, color and customizable designs to create the unique jewelry products and experiences that consumerís desire.

  • Expressions of Pink

Romantic, dynamic and graceful words is used to describe pink. As a form of self-expression, Pink is a color that can make a person feel beautiful. It is like sugar and spice; soft and edgy at the same time.  While pink is typically considered a more feminine hue, in some cultures it is linked to masculinity.  In Japan, for example, pink cherry blossoms represent young warriors who have fallen in battle.

Lovers of pastel pinks are talented, gentle and warm,  For these women shoppers we, The Jewelry Hut, suggest jewelry with pink gemstones like pink Sapphire, Natural Pink Diamond or Morganite.  Fans of vivid pink are spirited and outgoing; we, at, recommend brighter pink gems such as Pink Tourmaline, Pure Pink Mystic Topaz, Rhodolite garnet, and Pink Spinel for these women.

Pink touched with gray, will be popular in fashions that reflect the romance of 1920s and 1930s. Dusty, shell pinks will also offset earth-toned clothing, bringing an urban edge to these styles. Clothing designs inspired by the glamour of Hollywood in the 1940s feature vibrant, lipstick pink.  Brighter pinks will also be favored in fashions influenced by the energy and passion of 1070s and 1980s and designs that have cultural roots.

When using a color first approach toward purchasing a gemstone fashion jewelry, keep in mind that the world of gems offers a range of pinks at various price points.  From intense to pastel, the right shade of pink add a unique sparkle to fashions, and complements all skin tones.

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