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Fanciful, Exotic, Bold

The Color Story of Orange

Colored gemstone jewelry serves as stunning fashion accessories that find appeal amongst those consumers who look to color as a way to enhance their beauty, their identity and their wardrobe.  If your are not sure and don’t know about color, read on!

Orange is The Jewelry Hut color focus for the month of August. Below is “Top Five” list of color story of Orange.  Let us get you excited about color and then help you find a gemstone that fits within your budget and lifestyle.

  • Color Communications
    Fanciful, exotic and bold, the color orange conveys a sense of warmth and playfulness.
  • The Orange Personality
    Orange enthusiast are adventurous and outgoing.  They can be friendly, charming and are often successful in business as they are always looking for new worlds to conquer.
  • Orange in Fashion
    Trend experts predict the staying power of orange will continue throughout the year. What makes orange accessories ideal is that they combine well with a wide range of fashions. Look for burnt orange in urban fashions in fall and winter.  Vibrant orange; in large floral prints, paisleys and plaids, add vitality to apparel.  Sophisticated apricots, peach and shell-orange hues will be popular in spring fashions and formal, classic styles, including business attire. Oxidized oranges add edge to earthy browns and greens.
  • Spicy, Sumptuous Designs
    Orange gems work well with other colors, creating a palette that communicates a variety of emotions. Deco inspired designs and classic styles look graceful with peachy oranges.  Contrasts of black, or complementing pastel blues or soft whites offset these apricot creations. Tangy hues like ruby red or precious pink mix with outrageous  orange to create spicy jewelry fashions.  Add cultural details or bold geometric designs to this palette and you will have a winning style to show off.
  • Gem Varieties
    Be tender or exotic with captivating orange gems.  Sassy orange gems include Carnelian, Spessartite Garnet, Padparadscha Sapphire, Sunrise Mystic Topaz or Mexican Fire Opal.  Refined oranges include gems like Coral and dreamy pastel Orange Sapphire.


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