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Peaceful, Soothing, Enchanting

The Color Story of Green

Peaceful, soothing and enchanting, green is a hue that is both relaxing and uplifting. The most restful color for the eye to view, green’s tranquil hue is known as the “great harmonizer.” While green helps people keep their cool, adding a hint of yellow to green creates an energetic color that communicates action. Around the world, green is the color most associated with nature and represent life, abundance and freshness. In Celtic mythology, the “green man” was the symbol of fertility.  Green is also associated with wealth, which is why our forefathers chose green as the color for US currency.

  • Green in Fashion

Customers seeking balance and escape, find earthy shades of green naturally delicious. Green gems such as Green Quartz, Emerald, evergreen Diffused Topaz, Jade, and Green Tourmaline are great options for those seeking Mother Nature’s most restful hue. On vibrant side, bright greens such as Tsavorite Garnet, Green Paraiba, and Chrome Tourmaline, or Peridot are excellent choices for women wanting a dynamic green.

The rising concern for the ecology and the desire for renewable, sustainable resources reflect consumer needs for life in balance with nature. These concerns and desires drive greens’ popularity. Bright Kelly green and shamrock green, rich Emerald along with mossy green will continue to be popular over the next several years.

  • Green and the Personality

Lovers of green are social, stable and balanced. Kind and generous, they are a loyal partner and friend.  Green lovers are not risk takers; while they are open to new ideas, they will typically stay with what is safe. Green is the featured color for July.  Help yourself escape and relax with luscious green gems.

  • Buying Green

The modern birthstone list was established in 1912.  A lot has changed in nearly 100 years.  More gems are available on the jewelry market, and consumers are demanding color.


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