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The Jewelry Hut Pearl Fashion Idea

Style and Elegance for today Women for any occasion.

The Jewelry Hut Designer Cultured Pearls Jewelry Store

Collar: 12 - 13 Inches
Pearl collars are usually made up of three or more strands and lie snugly on the middle of the neck.  Very Victorian and luxurious, pearl collars go best with elegant V-neck or of the shoulder fashions.

Choker: 14 - 16 Inches
A pearl choker is the most classic and versatile of all the single strand lengths.  A simple pearl choker can go with virtually any outfit from casual to fancy evening wear, and just about any neckline imaginable.

Princess: 17 - 19 Inches
The princess length necklaces is best suited for crew and high necklines.  It also compliments low plunging necklines. Hint, it is perfect support for a pendant or pearl enhancer.

Matinee: 20 - 24 Inches
Longer than the choker, and just a bit shorter than an opera length, the matinee necklace is the right choice for casual or business dressing.

Opera: 28 - 34 Inches
The opera necklace is the queen of all the lengths.  When worn as a single strand, it is refined and perfect for high or crew necklines.  When doubled upon itself, it serves as a versatile two strands choker.

Rope: Over 45 Inches
Dripping with elegance and sensuously sexy. the pearl rope was a favorite of Coco Channel. Ask your jeweler about mystery claps placed in strategic locations around the necklace that will enable you to break it down into multi-strand necklace and bracelet combinations. For those looking for the complete pearl wardrobe , this is a must have pearl.

What size pearl is right for her?

Many of our valued customers ask us whether the size of the pearls make a difference.  After all, a pearl strand of same quality and slightly smaller pearls is just as beautiful.  But make note, prices of the pearls increase as the size. Specially, when you are considering to purchase the extremely rare sizes, 8 x 8.5 mm and larger.

5.5 x 6 mm
Generally for young teens, 12 - 16 years of age. The smallest diameter pearl readily available for stringing. It is bought for young teens but can also be appropriate for a petite woman.  This size pearls is popular gift for teenagers for Christmas, birthdays, Bat Mitzvah, and sweet sixteen’s.

6 x 6.5 mm
For 16 - 24 years of age.  This size more or less follows the same guidelines as above.

6.5 x 7 mm
For women of 25 - 30 years of age.

7 x 7.5 mm
For younger women of age 30 and up.  It is the best size for a starter necklace for a young woman. It is the necklace most women wear for their first day of work as a career woman. It is the best idea gift for college graduation and a wedding. It is also a great gift idea for new mothers and any other occasion for a sophisticated woman such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Baby Shower, or a “just to say I love you”.

7.5 x 8 mm
Also for women of 30 years of age and up. This is the last size in the lower bracket of more readily available sizes.  It is the only size called neither too small nor too big.  It is the staple of any woman’s wardrobe; it can be dressed up or dress down.  It is very tastefully exudes an image of importance, a classic for the mobile career women. It is suited very well for a wedding day or wedding anniversary gift.

8 x 8.5 mm
For women of 35 years of age and up. A classic strand nicely straddles the rarity brackets because it’s the first size of a larger, rarer harvests.  From this size and up, pearls prices climb more steeply than they do through the more common first five sizes.  These pearl have to stay in the waters twice as long to have a shot at growing that large. It can be worn with everyday wear yet also looks the part at a black tie event. It also makes a good strand for collectors and investors.

8.5 x 9 mm
For women of 37 to 45 years of age or extremely successful 30s.  This size pearl strand is very elegant, classy, and chic. This strand is recognizable as among the more expensive breed and thus projects power, strength, and stability. It is a perfect choker for a sophisticated business executive woman while doubling very nicely for an evening piece for a black tie event. This size pearl stands are to be appreciated by a sophisticated woman who loves and knows her pearls.

9 x 9.5 mm
For women of 45 years of age and up or extremely successful 30s. Extremely rare. For a woman who is serious about her pearls and does not settle for anything but the best.  The second rarest size, it makes for a strand that is sure to be very stylish in any social bracket.  It is usually purchased as a double strand choker, 18 inches, that can be converted into a single strand opera, 36 inches.

9.5 x 10 mm
For woman of 45 years of age and up or the extremely successful 30s.. It is absolutely majestic fit for a queen. Then rarest size of all pearls. A grand slam for Mother’s Day, Christmas or any event for a elderly elegant woman. Usually purchased as a double strand, 36 inches.

In much the same way that different rose colors mean different emotions and anniversaries have traditional gifts, pearl sizes correspond to traditional ages and occasions.  As with roses and anniversaries, these are traditional customs which are not always followed in practice. But, one should be aware that since pearl purchases are infrequent relative to roses and anniversaries, the customs have been more resistance to change over the years. Therefore, it remain widely adhered to for most pearl buying occasions.

Pearls and Skin Tone

Women who with fair skin prefer pearls with rose overtones, because they feel this color compliments their skin the best.  Women with olive, darker, or Tanned Skins prefer to purchase the silver tone pearls. However, The Jewelry Hut recommends the white pearls. Obviously, the final choice is with you who wear the necklace pearl. Make a note that pearls absorb the surrounding color due to their reflectiveness. It is difficult to notice the difference between rose or silver overtones, when worn, because it is very subtle.  A woman should purchase a pearl color that she is drawn to.



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