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Images shown below are for presentation only.  Some may only be  custom ordered.

Golden Pearls Strand Necklace

The Jewelry Hut Black South Sea Pearls multi Strands Necklace and matching Earrings

White Cultured Pearls Necklace

The Jewelry hut Black Tahitian Cultured Pearlls jewelry Set

The Jewelry Hut Pearls Earrings

  • Pearl

    Cultured Pearls at The Jewelry Hut

    Next to the diamond, there is no gem that has fascinated mankind more than pearl.  Today, pearl is the birthstone for June and a common month for weddings, the pearl was long believed to possess a special mystical quality, symbolized by the glow that seems to radiate from its very center.
    Roman women are believed to have taken pearls to bed with them to sweeten dreams! Over time, the pearl has acquired strong associations with love, success, happiness, and virtues of modesty, chastity, and purity, which is a popular choice for brides on their wedding day.

    Pearls offer more versatility than perhaps any other gem; they go well with any style, in any place; they can be worn from morning to evening; they look smart and attractive with sportswear, add an executive touch to the business suit, or add elegance to even the most glamorous evening gown.  Pearls are available in a wide variety of types, sizes shapes, colors.
    Pearls have become an essential for any well-dressed woman.
  • Buying Pearls at

    The Jewelry Hut Akoya Cultured Pearls Multi Strands Necklace and Bracelet

    The Jewelry Hut Black Pearls Jewelry Set Pearl Ring Pearls Necklace and Pearls Bracelet

    Today, pearls are available to meet every occasion, every personal style, and every budget; some are rarer than others, some much costlier than others.  You may wonder how you will ever be able to balance quality, beauty, and value, but it will come more easily than you can imagine. Whatever type of pearl you choose; saltwater pearl, freshwater pearl, round, baroque, button, white, black, cream, or gold, you will have something wonderful as long as you choose a pearl with rich luster and iridescence.

    Never before have there been so many beautiful pearls choices, from so many different parts of the world.  In addition to Japan, where the art of culturing pearls was developed and refined, beautiful cultured pearls are being produced in many other countries including Australia, China, the Cook Island, Indonesia, the Philippines, Tahiti, and others.
    White pearls have certain characteristics in common no matter what their origin, each country seems to produce a slightly different pearl, varying somewhat in color, orient and lustrousness, size or shape.

    Cultured pearls are an affordable luxury today. Choose pearls according to their luster, thickness, shape, texture, and color. You can also choose from different sized pearls. Quality pearls will be white with either a silver or rose overtone. The color of a pearl does not affect its value and most people buy pearls that look best with their skin tones. If you would like to learn more about buying pearls, please visit our "
    Pearl Buying Guide."

    Customer satisfaction is of paramount important to The Jewelry Hut.

    Buy with confidence at The Jewelry Hut

Capture Your Bride Heart with The Jewelry Hut Pearls Necklace

Nothing more personal than our response to color.  Color is the new Language of passion, and nothing captures it better than distinctively styled jewelry.
Take her breath away with our lustrous pearl jewelry styles.
The name you rely on most - the first name in quality, dependability, and service - is now your first choice in style.
Itís .....

The Jewelry Hut

The Birth Gem Stone for Each Month
(Click the links to learn more for each birthstone and its meaning.)

Garnet is The Birth Gem Stone for January
Amethyst is The Birth Gem Stone for February
Aquamarine is The Birth Gem Stone for March
Diamond is The Birth Gem Stone for April
Emerald is The Birth Gem Stone for May
Pearl is The Birth Gem Stone for June

Ruby is The Birth Gem Stone for July
Peridot is The Birth Gem Stone for August
Sapphire is The Birth Gem Stone for September
Opal is The Birth Gem Stone for October
Citrine is The Birth Gem Stone for November
Blue Topaz is The Birth Gem Stone for December

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