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The diamond has been one of the most coveted gems in history. Uncut diamond adorned the suits of armor of the great knights; cut diamonds have adorned the crowns of Kings and Queens throughout the ages.  Today, The diamond is internationally recognized as a symbol of love and betrothal and is the recipient of increasing interest as a source for investment.

The diamond has been credited with many magical powers, superior strength, bravery and courage.  At one time it was considered the emblem of fearlessness and invincibility; the mere possession of a diamond would endow the wearer with superior strength, bravery, and courage. It was also believed that a diamond could drive away the devil and all spirits of the night.

Diamonds are looked upon as talismans that could enhance the love of a husband for his wife. The Hindus classed diamonds according to four castes.

  • The Brahmin diamond (colorless) gave power, friends, riches, and good luck;
  • The Kshatriya (brown/champagne) prevented old age;
  • Vaisya (the color of a “kodali flower”) brought success; and
  • The sudra (a diamond with sheen of a polished blade, probably gray or black) brought all types of fortunes.

Red and yellow diamonds were exclusively royal gems, for Kings alone.

Chemically speaking, a diamond is the simplest of all gemstonesDiamond is plain crystallized carbon.  The diamond with its desirable properties that have made it so highly prized, its hardness, which gives it unsurpassed wearability, its brilliance, and fire. White; or more correctly, colorless, diamonds are the most popular, but diamond occurs in every color of the rainbow.  When color is prominent the gem is called a fancy or master fancy diamond.

When buying  diamonds, it's important to know how to choose the most beautiful diamond you can afford. The proper cut of a diamond will give it the most brilliance. A diamond that is cut properly and in the right proportion to its size will reflect light from one facet to another and back through the top of the stone. Diamond color ranges from colorless to yellow.

At we have prepared an online guide to buying diamonds and jewelry. Here you can educate yourself about jewelry, diamonds and other gemstones so you know what to look for when you shop. You can begin learning about diamonds in our diamond gallery, “Diamond Buying Guide and Education”  at The Jewelry Hut.

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Trust in The Jewelry Hut, a premier online Diamond Gallery

You will enjoy a pressure-free online shopping experience, at The Jewelry Hut. We would love to help you celebrate your special occasions with sparkling diamond jewelry and the best customer service and support on the Web. The Jewelry Hut, unlike the traditional jewelry store, have low overhead and we choose to pass those savings on to you. There are no salespeople to pressure you and our products are guaranteed to be free of defects of workmanship. The result is that here you will find exceptional values on the highest quality jewelry for all your gifts and occasions.

Customer satisfaction is of paramount important to The Jewelry Hut.

Buy with confidence at The Jewelry Hut.

Nothing more personal than our response to color.  Color is the new Language of passion, and nothing captures it better than distinctively styled jewelry.
Leave her speechless with our brilliant colorless diamond and fancy colored diamond jewelry styles.
The name you rely on most - the first name in quality, dependability, and service - is now your first choice in style.
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Garnet is The Birth Gem Stone for January
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Aquamarine is The Birth Gem Stone for March
Diamond is The Birth Gem Stone for April
Emerald is The Birth Gem Stone for May
Pearl is The Birth Gem Stone for June

Ruby is The Birth Gem Stone for July
Peridot is The Birth Gem Stone for August
Sapphire is The Birth Gem Stone for September
Opal is The Birth Gem Stone for October
Citrine is The Birth Gem Stone for November
Blue Topaz is The Birth Gem Stone for December

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