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  • Birth Stone 

    Because gemstones have been valued throughout history for their beauty and rarity, they have also become associated with objects and events.  There gemstones associated with each of the nine planets.  There are gemstones associated with astrological signs, days of the week, and wedding anniversaries.  However, the most well known association with gemstones is the birth stone, or birth gemstone.

    Giving gems often conveys a poetic and special significant and this can be made even more special when the gemstone relates to the month in which the recipient was born.  For more information and to find out each month birth gemstone; click The Jewelry Hut “
    Birth Stone Guide.”

    The idea of a gemstone associated with the twelve months began to evolve long ago, with the
    Breastplate of Aaron.
  • Birth Stones Show Individual Style

    Since the choice of birthstones has been rather arbitrary, individuals could choose instead to wear signature gemstones based upon different standards.  A person who values courage might choose diamond as his signature stone since diamonds are said to ensure bravery for the wearer.  Diamond is also a symbol of fidelity in love, which is why they have become the special gemstone for engagement rings.  A different person might choose to wear  the gem associated with their “guardian angel.” A woman born in January is said to be looked after by angel Gabriel, whose gemstone is onyx.  Someone with a special affection for astrology might choose to wear the gemstone associated with her star sign.  For example, a Libra may choose to wear peridot.  There are also gemstones associated with season and days of the week. The wearing of a birth stone can be individual and distinctive.  Whatever gemstone is chosen, one thing is certain, the gemstone has a rich mythic tradition that can add depth and interest to your choice.

    At, we have the largest selection of high-quality gemstone jewelry. We recommend that you choose the best possible gemstone that you can afford. Of course, at The Jewelry Hut, with our low affordable prices you will be able to get a better valued stone at an affordable price than at other retailers. This is because we are not just another online retailer and we represent the finest hand-picked gemstones from different manufacturers.

    The Jewelry offer fine diamonds, precious gems, cultured pearls and other jewelry that are hand-selected with care and sold with integrity. We also offer the best online gemstone education so that you can make an informed choice when buying jewelry. Customer service and education is our top priority. We invite you to browse The Jewelry Hut
    Gemstone Gallery or Birth Gemstone Color Guide to learn about gemstone selection and value and find the perfect birth stone gift.

    Advance Gemstone Search

    Choose a birth gemstone traditionally associated with your birth month or choose the ones you like the best.

    Customer satisfaction is of paramount important to The Jewelry Hut.

    Buy with confidence at The Jewelry Hut

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You may search our new color gemstones advance search feature to look for your favorite color gemstone and purchase it at The Jewelry Hut virtual gemstone jewelry gallery.  Just click on the following link and continue with your search.

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The Jewelry hut Birth Gemstone Guide

The Birth Gem Stone for Each Month
(Click the links to learn more for each birthstone and its meaning.)

Garnet is The Birth Gem Stone for January
Amethyst is The Birth Gem Stone for February
Aquamarine is The Birth Gem Stone for March
Diamond is The Birth Gem Stone for April
Emerald is The Birth Gem Stone for May
Pearl is The Birth Gem Stone for June

Ruby is The Birth Gem Stone for July
Peridot is The Birth Gem Stone for August
Sapphire is The Birth Gem Stone for September
Opal is The Birth Gem Stone for October
Citrine is The Birth Gem Stone for November
Blue Topaz is The Birth Gem Stone for December

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