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What is the right jewelry item for this “occasion”?

The more special the occasion is, the harder it becomes to find the perfect gift.  Below you will find a few guide lines to help you find the perfect gift for her for this special occasion.  Every time she wears your gift, it will remind her of this occasion.

  • Anniversary - To remind her that you want to be together forever, give her a diamond jewelry. A pair of diamond Stud Earrings, a Three Stone Diamond Ring, or any other brilliant diamond ring or jewelry from The Jewelry Hut collection.  Also, visit the Pearl Gallery for a special pearl gift.
  • Birthday - This is a perfect opportunity to build her collection of essential jewelry. You can select a cultured pearl necklace, a diamond jewelry, or a color gemstone jewelry.  You can also give her a necklace one year and the matching earrings or bracelet the following years.
  • Just for you - When you just want to show you are thinking about her.  The Jewelry Hut can engrave any special messages you like to add to your selected jewelry item.  If you want to surprise her with and special perfect gift, choose a diamond jewelry ring, earring, bracelet, or pendant.  This will remind her why you are the man of her dreams.

What type jewelry gift should I purchase for her at this point in our relationship?

Here are some guide lines to assist you that the gift you select to purchase is just the right perfect gift. You want to make sure that your gift is more than what she anticipated.

  • Began dating - Do not forget you might be dating some times. Think about what she likes most, and choose the perfect one. Give her a keepsake. As an example, Bracelet with her initials for personal touch, or a curved Heart Pendant in 14K, 18K, or Platinum gold.
  • Dating for sometimes - You may not want to give her a gift that looks like as an engagement ring.  But, you can choose a jewelry item that is more precious. For example, A Three stones diamond necklace or a diamond Heart Pendant.
  • Been together for a long time - For your wife, consider a cultured Pearl.  Refer to The Jewelry Hut Pearl Gallery for a pearl gift idea. A pair of diamond stud or hoop earring or diamond solitaire pendant are also a jewelry item she will enjoy wearing on any occasion.

Which jewelry item is right for her taste and style?

How do you know what she will like?  There are several way to find out what is her taste of jewelry. Pay attention to the kind of jewelry she wears now. Is it classic or stylish?  Small or Large? It may help you to ask one of her friends or relatives to give you some direction, as long as you know they will not spoil your surprise. There is also the direct approach that is to ask her! It may not be a romantic way, but she will get what she wants. If you still want to surprise her, you can hold back “when” and “where”, even though she knows the “what”. Pay attention to weather she coordinates her shoes and handbag, t you may consider a style of jewelry like a black pearl stud earrings, an 14K or 18K white gold Heart diamond pendant, diamond solitaire pendant, or a diamond stud earrings.
You can match her style and taste by taking cues from her current jewelry she wears. Does she prefer little or a lot, classic or stylish, small or large, yellow or white gold, or platinum.

How can I determine her ring size?

It is very simple. Just take one of her ring to a local jewelers and asked them to determine the size for you. Also, you will find more information about ring size in the following section. Or, clink on following link for guide to ring sizer.

Ring Sizer Guide

Why buy her an earrings gift?

Earrings are the most basic jewelry piece in a woman wardrobe and make the perfect gift idea, because they fit right.
There are wide variety of earring types, sizes, and prices.  You can choose from Studs, Hoops, and other Fancy styles available in 14K, 18K gold, or Platinum.

  • Studs - They are simple and small and very easy to wear. They go with easily with a formal dress as with jeans. Studs are made with color gemstone, diamond, or cultured pearl.
  • Hoops - They are simple and easy to wear.
  • Other Fancy Styles - You find a large variety of earrings design at The Jewelry Hut that can specifically fit her style.

A perfect gift ideal for a special occasion, an Earring

She is a fashionable woman who follows the trends, give her a princess shape diamond.  She is old fashioned and wear classic style dresses, give her a round shape diamond studs or pearl studs.
She already has several pairs of stud earrings. you can buy her a perfect gift of hoop earrings or a unique fancy shape earrings to add to her jewelry collections.
Take note about the type or gold color she prefers.

A necklace, another perfect gift idea for your special lady and special occasion

You give her a necklace or pendant as a perfect romantic gift. You will have the opportunity to put the jewelry item on her. She will lift her hair up, so you can wrap your hands around her neck to put the necklace jewelry on her.
A necklace can be in any style, a chain, a precious metal and gems, a pendant, or a single jewel, A cultured pearl strand.

  • Metal Chains - You can purchase a fine gold chain in a choker length, 14 - 16 inches, or an 18 inches gold chain to add a visual interest to her wardrobe.
  • Pendants - A pendant can be worn with any casual dresses.  A simple design of a solitaire diamond, pearl, or gemstone or other fancy shaped pendant feature like a heart.
  • Pearl Strand - A cultured pearl strand is an essential jewelry item in a woman’s wardrobe. For more detail and information, please refer to the Pearl Gallery Fashion ideas on this site.
  • Fashion Necklaces - These are chains with decorative diamonds, gemstones, or pearls set on a gold chain necklace.

When purchasing a necklace or pendant, the right length will determine where it lie on her chest.  The shorter length show the beautiful lines of her neck and the longer length emphasizes the bust. 

  • Choker length - 16 inch length just above the collarbone and emphasizes her neckline.
  • Princess length - 18 inch length just hangs over the collarbone and is the most common length.
  • Opera length - 24 inch length hangs over a dress.

A Bracelet, another perfect gift idea for your special lady and special occasion.

A bracelet jewelry is one she will appreciate more, because she will see this jewelry item all time on her wrist.
When you purchase a bracelet, be sure to measure one of her bracelets, so that you have the right length.
Bracelets jewelry must be very durable, because of their proximity to the hands. Jewelry designers and manufacturers take this into account, the bracelets they make are made to last long.

  • Chain - A classic bracelet can be found in a variety of designs.
  • Bangle - A bangle can be worn alone for a simple look. It can also be worn together with several other bangles.
  • Pearl - A pearl bracelet is a traditional jewelry item.  It adds a dressy touch to anything she wears. It can be worn with a matching pearl necklace and earrings.

The Jewelry Hut has prepared a list of some most Frequently asked questions, FAQ.

  • What is the most popular style of engagement ring?
    It is the traditional round shape diamond solitaire setting. This is the most favorite style for brides to be.
  • What is the most popular style of anniversary ring?
    It is the three stone diamond ring representing your Past, Present, and Future.  This popular style is known to all three diamonds to have the same shape.  The center diamond stone is larger than the two side diamond stones.
  • How do I clean my jewelry items?
    Please refer to The Jewelry Hut jewelry care Gallery on this site for complete information.
  • Does The Jewelry Hut offer custom jewelry?
    Yes. The Jewelry Hut professional craftsmen will gladly assist you to create your on of a kind jewelry item.  Simply contact one our customer service representative for more information about designing your jewelry item via E-mail. Or, if you have designed your jewelry item, please E-mail a picture of your jewelry item and The Jewelry Hut representative will contact  with information about the cost and delivery date.
  • Does The Jewelry Hut offers appraisal and insurance valuations?
    Yes. When you make a purchase order, just ask for one.
  • How do I measure my ring size?
    There is a very simple and easy way to find your ring size, as shown below.
    1) Cut a strip of paper about one inch wide and two inch long and wrap it around the base your ring finger.  Adjust it to a comfortable fit that slips easily over your knuckle.
    2) Mark the point at which the paper meets itself.
    3) Using a ruler, measure the length of the paper from its tip to the mark you made.  Note, that this is your finger’s measurement.
    4) Refer to the chart shown below to match the measurement to ring size.
    5) Or, just visit a local jewelers and ask them to find your ring size. Do not forget to save this for future use.

Finger Measurement

Ring Size

Finger Measurement

Ring Size

1 3/16


2 7/16


1 7/8


2 1/2


1 15/16


2 9/16




2 25/8


2 1/16


2 11/16


2 1/8


2 3/4


2 3/16


2 13/16


2 1/4


2 7/8


2 5/16




2 3/8




Ring Sizer Guide

Because  Gemstones have been valued throughout history for their beauty and rarity, they have also become associated with objects and events.  There gemstones associated with each of the nine planets. There are gemstones associated with astrological signs, days of the week, and wedding anniversaries.  However, the most well know association with gemstones is the birthstone.

Giving gems often conveys a poetic and special significance and this can be made even more special when the stone relates to the month in which the recipient was born. Please, click the following link view birth gemstone chart and its history.

Birth Gemstone Gift Idea

The Color Stories

Trends that experts predict. Trends are reflection of society’s concerns and their desires; influenced by current events such as politics, growing concerns for the ecology, even the entertainment industry.

The Color Stories

The Jewelry Hut Diamond Moments

Celebrate unforgettable moments with Trust, Confidence, and Security

Everyone has a story...

The most memorable stories resolve around key emotional moments. These moments can be small, everyday blessings, or occasions that are more monumental.

Diamond Moments

Please click on the following link to view and purchase a fine quality jewelry item from The Jewelry Hut Private Collection Catalog.

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