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Eyris Blue - Green Pearls

  • The Abalone

    Abalone are a gentle sea snail, with a large central muscular foot with an amazing colorful and lustrous shell. There are over one hundreds different species of abalone throughout the worlds oceans. The native New Zealand species is called Paua. Paua or Haliotis iris are only found in the cool clear waters close to the New Zealand coastline; it is these creatures which posses the greatest range of colors and iridescence of nay abalone shell.
    New Zealand’s Paua Fishery is managed by strict quotas, which allows only a set amount of Paua to be caught  every year. Even then the only permitted method of harvesting is by “free diving” without under water breathing apparatus. Paua occur in the exposed, rough waters off of New Zealand’s rocky coastline  at a depth of 3 - 45 feet.
  • Blue Pearl processing
    The process involved in preparing is quite involved in cutting the pearl from the shell to a beautiful blue cultured pearl.
  • The Pearls
    Eyris blue pearls colors range from blues, greens, gold and pinks, and some have splashes of red and violet. There are bright vibrant tones and soft subtle hues. The pearls have a chameleon quality about them; the colors change in the way that they catch the light. liquid color that almost have a life of their own.
    This variation in color gives each pearl a distinctive character.  The number of color is infinite.
    The colors of blue pearls are created by the genetic make up of each individual Paua, the colors and iridescence of their shell, their diet and the natural environment in which they live.
    Paua are grazing animals, feeding on variety of sea weeds. It is combination of browns, red and green sea weeds with their amazing array of nutrients that gives each blue pearls its wonderful spectrum of colors.

Eyris blue pearls are unlike any other.  The “liquid” color appearance is itself the heart of each pearl attraction. Each pearl is a creation of nature just as we are and has a personality all its own. The intrinsic feature insures that no two are alike and that is what makes these pearls so very special.
Each pearl will vary in size, surface, luster, and color but the shape will remain “domed” as the pearl grows on the inside wall of the shell. The surface or “outer skin”  of the pearl will vary and may possess characteristics such as waves, textures, or other “birthmarks”.
Eyris blue pearl iridescence colors are hypnotic and range from blues, greens, gold’s and pinks and some have splashes of red and violet.

The oriental pearls are known as the gem of the moon.  They have been recognized as the emblem of modesty, chastity, and purity.  They have also come to symbolize a happy marriage.
Pearl is the birth gemstone of month of June, and is among the most timeless, classic and treasured of all gems. Pearls are the recommended jewelry gift for celebrating 3rd, and 30th wedding anniversary.

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