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The Elegance of a Romantic Love and Unforgettable Engagement!

The wedding ring is the most ancient of all marriage traditions.  Nearly every civilization since the Egyptian has used the wedding ring as a symbol of marriage agreement.  In Egyptian hieroglyphics, the circle represents eternity, and the earliest rings were made of braided grass, hay, leather, bone, and ivory. When metals were eventually discovered, the first metal rings were lumpy and awkward. Today, wedding rings can be anything from an inexpensive, plain gold band to an intricate setting studded with diamonds or colored gemstones.
No matter where a person chooses to wear their wedding ring, the marriage bond is complete once wows are recited. The most common placement for wearing a wedding ring is on the forth finger of the left hand.  This custom began with the Egyptians, who believed that a vein on the left hand was directly connected to the heart. Today, a more practical explanation is that the left hand gets less use-and will be less likely to get damaged- since most be are right-handed.
Despite long standing traditions, however, wedding rings are not always worn on the left hand. for a time, wealthy Elizabethans wore huge, elaborate wedding rings on their thumbs.  In eighteen century, Roman Catholics wore them on the right hand. Even today, many European woman sill follow this tradition.
There are also many superstitions about wedding rings. For instance, it is unlucky for the bride to be to go shopping for a wedding ring on a Friday due to the bad luck associated with that day. It is equally important that neither the future bride nor the groom wear their rings before the wedding ceremony since that would be presumptuous.

“Nor The Man without The Woman,
Nor the Woman without The Man,
Neither of Them without the Divinity.”

Celebrate your Wedding with The Jewelry hut Diamond Wedding Band

The Jewelry Hut sets the stage for Love, as we realize that Love is eternal. We consider it as our duty to preserve high quality standards and fabricate our engagement rings as a symbol of eternal bond of love.

The Jewelry Hut is a highly innovative supplier of Engagement Rings and matching Wedding Bands and is able to offer its jewelry at competitive low prices for the consumer.  Our diamond engagement rings collections are offered in Platinum, 18 KT gold, and 14 KT gold and are GI SI diamond quality.

Capture Her Heart with The Jewelry hut Three Stones Diamond Engagement Ring

Stages Of Love

Stages of Love With The Jewelry Hut Diamond in Gold Jewelry

  • “Life is not about the moments that one breathes bout about those moments that take your breath away.” Take her breath away by exhilarating her emotions through an imposing collection of fashion Wedding Bands. Set the first stage of your relationship in adorning her with a fashion statement and swathe her future, with passion and trust.
  • Pledge your commitment and trust on the prime stage of love through a vivid array of Wedding Bands, skillfully catered and fused with detailed craftsmanship, as to mirror the close intimacy of a wedded couple.

    Diamond Wedding Band at The Jewelry Hut

  • Engage your infatuations with a passionate desire to entrust your convictions. Proudly commit to your engagement and opt in presenting her, from a chaste to a novel collection, a diamond engagement ring, as an icon of your new relationship.
  • Admire the pillars of trust, conviction and eternity of your relationships, in sharing together a loyal journey in life and present each other, through an authentic dear range, diamond rings.

    Diamond Engagement Ring & Matching Band
    The Jewelry hut Diamond Engagement Ring and  Diamonds Wedding Band
    Create Your Own Diamond Engagement Ring

    Antique Style Hand Graved
    Diamond Platinum Engagement Rings
    The Jewelry Hut Designer ANtique Retro Style Diamond Engagement ring in Platinum

  • Coddle yourself over the bliss of ecstasy. Celebrate, honor and treat your love for an ecstatic well-being, through varied choice of lustrous collections, a Right Hand Diamond Ring.

    Diamond Right Hand Ring

Presenting the Engagement Ring!
Proposal Ideas!!!

Guide For
Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring.

Engagement Ring Setting
Buying Guide

The Jewelry Hut Diamond Engagement Ring Galore

Conflict Free Diamonds

The lure of diamonds as an ideal repository of illicit wealth for the unscrupulous has lead to wars that have raged in many diamond producing countries of the world, resulting in massive level of human suffering.

While diamond mines themselves are fought over, it is the gems which often become the cause of, and the fuel for, wars because they are such high value commodities which were, until now, easily smuggled and traded into legitimate diamond market.

The Jewelry Hut Philosophy

We believe that you should always insist that the diamonds used in diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings (bands), or be conflict free diamonds.

The Jewelry Hut wholeheartedly endorses every legitimate initiative to eradicate the disgraceful trade in conflict diamonds.  We, at The Jewelry Hut, guarantee that our diamonds are “conflict free” by purchasing our diamonds from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolution and diamond trade laws, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by our diamond suppliers.  After all, not only do conflict diamonds wreak untold misery upon innocent and defenseless people (and all ethical diamond jewelers need to make a stand against this) but we recognize that our valued customers need the assurance that the diamond they are buying; a symbol of their love for another person, is a legitimate, genuine, conflict free gem.

For more information:  Please visit The Jewelry Hut Diamond Gallery for Conflict Free Diamonds.

The Birth Gem Stone for Each Month
(Click the links to learn more for each birthstone and its meaning.)

Garnet is The Birth Gem Stone for January
Amethyst is The Birth Gem Stone for February
Aquamarine is The Birth Gem Stone for March
Diamond is The Birth Gem Stone for April
Emerald is The Birth Gem Stone for May
Pearl is The Birth Gem Stone for June

Ruby is The Birth Gem Stone for July
Peridot is The Birth Gem Stone for August
Sapphire is The Birth Gem Stone for September
Opal is The Birth Gem Stone for October
Citrine is The Birth Gem Stone for November
Blue Topaz is The Birth Gem Stone for December

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