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Ever hear the one about the woman who swallowed her engagement ring? It was not intentional. Her boyfriend wanted to propose to her in a creative and memorable way. His idea?  Ask for the waiter’s help in planting the engagement ring in her favorite dessert. The problem started when she decided she did not want dessert that night. He ordered her favorite dessert anyway and insisted she take a bite.  She relented, taking a big bite to appease him, swallowing two months of his salary in the process.

What is the lesson to be learned here? Don’t put your money where someone else’s mouth is.

Creativity is always appropriate when proposing is concerned; just make sure to think through every possible outcome. Although swallowing a ring is an extreme example, you may be the one surprised about how things unfold, not your beloved.  Here are some ways to make your proposal memorable for all the right reasons.

  • Favorite Things:

What are a few favorite things, and we do not mean “whiskers on kitten”? John, a lucky future groom, knew his girlfriend loved music boxes. They were especially significant to her because her favorite aunt gave her the very first one she ever had, and she had collected others over the years. John knew that there was one that she particularly loved in an auction catalog. Guess who the highest bidder was?  When it came time to propose, he presented it to her without saying a word. Thinking it was just a thoughtful gesture; she thanked him profusely for remembering, but did not look inside immediately. When she finally opened it and discovered an engagement ring inside, she was overwhelmed with emotion.

  • Box it up:

Another beautiful way to present an engagement ring is in a decorative box.  Small porcelain boxes are available in whimsical shape, like wedding cakes, rings and frogs wearing crowns, a kiss short of becoming a prince. These will serve as sweet reminders of the proposal for years to come. You can present it to her wrapped up or make her a romantic dinner at home and leave it near her place setting.

  • Read her future:

To incorporate the food angle without the risk of the ring being consumed, look to your fortune. Fortune cookies, that is.  You can easily remove the original fortune that came with the cookie using a pair of tweezers and some skill. Using the dimensions of the removed fortune as template, make up your own fortune. It can be as simple as “Will you marry me?” to something a little more prophetic, like “You marry the man across from you and have many years of happiness.” When you finished your meal, present her with a cookie or give it to the waiter to bring to the table.  After she read the fortune and realizes that it is not a run of the mill fortune cookie, you can safely present the ring without trepidation.

  • Treasure Hunt:

This will take some creative planning on your part.  Make a list of places that are significant to the two of you. At each place along the way, leave a clue that will lead her to the next location.  At every stop, you can also leave a little something, like flowers or a book or candy. It is important that you go with her, just in case your clues are not clear enough.  Make sure that wherever you leave something, it is safe and not in danger of being stolen, damaged or eaten by a pack of wild dogs. Do not guide her too much; make your clues clear enough so that she won’t be completely lost. At the end of the hunt, se will find the ring. It is especially important that the ring be located somewhere extremely secure, like your home.  If you think she would like to pick out her engagement ring, have the last stop on the treasure hunt be a jeweler.  By that time, she may have figured out what is going on, but will be delighted wit the ingenious way you proposed.

  • Flowers:

Who doesn’t like flowers?  If you don’t know what her favorite flower is find out. Get a bunch of her favorite flowers and tie the ring to them, either at the base of a bulb or in the flower itself. Make sure that the ring is securely attached so that you won’t lose it.  Use brightly colored ribbon to tie the bow when the ring is attached so that her eye is immediately drawn to the engagement ring. If she discovers the ring on her own, without being shown, the surprise will be even more special.

  • Say it with words:

If you have the heart of a poet, why not compose a poem that concludes with the presentation of the engagement ring? The poem can include allusions to the history of your relationship and hallmarks of your life together. It does not have to be a masterpiece, but should come from the heart. Use this opportunity to tell her how you feel about her and why you want her to be your wife. You will always look back on these moments, retelling the story of how you became engaged, so make it memorable.  To further memorialize the occasion, the poem can be printed out on decorative paper on your home computer.  If there was ever a time for all the romantic bells and whistle, this is it!

  • Do not obsess on the issue of the engagement ring.

Most woman say they would like the proposal to include the presentation of an engagement ring. But a good number say they would forgo the surprise of the ring in favor of being involved in the selection process.  If you have a good handle on her style and taste, and have a strong idea of what she wants , go ahead and get a ring in advance. If you have purchase jewelry for her before and she wears it regularly, you are probably on target.  Many jewelers will let you exchange it later, if necessary, for a ring that suits her taste better.
Ben came up with a great approach to the matter when he proposed to Debbie.  He selected simple gold with a diamond (or Cubic Zirconia) solitaire to use when he proposed, intending that Debbie would later select her her own setting.  After they became engaged, they worked with the jeweler, The Jewelry Hut, to select Debbie’s actual engagement ring and matching wedding band.  Keeping in mind to select an engagement ring to incorporate the diamond.  With Cubis Zirconia selected, then Debbie only had to select a new engagement ring and matching wedding band, then with the jewelers assistance search for a diamond to fit the new ring.  Debbie has kept the original ring with Cubic Ziconia to wear when she is traveling and does not want to risk losing her real ring.
All that said, you do not have to have an engagement ring to propose, although it is a great move.  Ultimately, the proposal is about the decision to spend your lives together.

Whatever way you decide to present the engagement ring to your intended, make sure you think it through.  After all, the engagement only happens once, so planning is everything.  Show her that you are the kind of man who understand life’s little surprises.


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