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A Natural Understatement Can be worn anytime, anywhere at last and not the least due to its high price worthness!
A charmful warmth of Akoya Pearl, unified with the absolute hardness of Diamond.

Diapearls are natural diamonds which have been rounded out in a complicated mechanical procedure.  With their excellent stability and resistance to chemical and mechanical attack.  Diapearls offer a unique advantage over traditional cultured pearl.

Our designer and producer of Diapearl, a diamond setter and jeweler with profound training in Austria, became interested in an idea to create high quality and long lasting pearl after reading a cruel story from India that how a conventional sea Pearl was destroyed in a safe.

A Diapearl is a natural diamond bead and is made in a complicated mechanical process in Spain. A Diapearl like any traditional diamond maintain its value and has the diamond characteristics that determine its quality and value. In our designer’s own word, “A Diapearl is graduated with the diamond 4 Cs.

  • Carat
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Color

Diapearl is a natural diamond, spheric in shape, mechanically rounded and built from Opaque Polycrystalline. It’s not treated.  It produce in various sizes from three to ten Carats.  Diapearls are very easy to care for and can be cleaned like other diamonds. Soap and water is ideal using a soft smooth cloth. Diapearls have the shine and luster of a South Sea Tahitian Black Pearl, and its only difference is that A Diapearl Is Forever.

Everyday, more and more people from the Globe look for Diapearl It is an insider secret that will soon be a valuable investment jewelry item.

 A Diapearl Is Forever.

A Diapearl is the Tear of the Unendlessness,
therefore it is the true Symbol of The Millennium

  • FAQS:  Frequently Asked Questions about the new revolutionary “Diapearl” innovation.
  1. What is a Diapearl?
    A Diapearl is a unique creation, which combines the beauty of diamonds and pearls, making it a natural diamond bead.
  2. Why it is called a --”Pearl”?
    It is called a “Pearl” because it is a diamond bead without facets, with a silky pearl glance.
  3. Which Characteristics have the men who are involved in developing the vision of the Diapearl?
    They overstanded the heaviest pressures of life and though remained loving persons.  They became like the diapearl unifying hardness with love.
  4. What is the motivation history of Diapearl?
    After reading a sorrow story from India in 1947 with Van Cleef & Arpels that sea pearls were decayed in safe, lightened me the idea that one should create an everlasting high level pearl.
  5. How is a Diapearl made?
    It is made in a complicated high technical, mechanical process.
  6. Where is the inventor of the Diapearl technique?
    He is in Spain.
  7. Is Diapearl like diamonds have values?
  8. Which method is the Diapearl valued and graded?
    It is valued and graded with the diamond’s 4 Cs, which are Carat weight, Cut, Color, and Clarity.
  9. What is the advantage of owning a Diapearl for its price?
    A Diapearl unifies the attributes of diamonds and pearls.
  10. How do Diapearls differ from regular diamonds?
    They differ in the way they are made that is a Diapearl is produced without facets from opaque polycrystalline rough diamonds.
  11. Are Diapearls treated?
    No, they are absolutely natural.
  12. Do they exist and are they available in different colors?
    Yes, They are available in off-white , greenish, gray, honey, orange, pink, brown, black, and many more. Many Diapearls are also multi colored.
  13. Is it possible to produce Diapearl from mono crystalline rough?
    Yes, they can be made all qualities by customer’s request.
  14. What shapes the Diapearls are available?
    Diapearls are available in spheric round, Cabochon (A Cabochon is a divided bead), Oval, Egg, and Barock.
  15. What are the various sizes of of Diapearls?
    All sizes are possible, but in order to be rational, Diapearl can be mainly produced in the range of 3 to 10 carats sizes.
  16. Is it possible to get pierced Diapearls?
    Yes, they are pierced by laser, and may be thru-pierced or half-pierced. The cost is not substantial.
  17. Does faceted Diapearls exist?  Yes, mostly with pentagonal or hexagonal facets and it has a higher value.
  18. How Diapearls are cleaned and cared for?
    Like any diamonds jewelry, with soap and soft smooth cloth material or leather.
  19. How sure is the future evolution of the Diapearl’s value?
    As the word has spread about this unique creation, sales have soared.  We deal with famous jewelry designers and other major established jewelry stores around world.
  20. Which demographic group of people are interested in Diapearls?
    The Japanese high society are the pioneers of the Diapearls mode, followed by the Hollywood Stars th the wealthy, creative and sensitive intellectuals and designers.
  21. How does the Diapearl shine?
    Just like a Tahitian South Sea Pearl.
  22. If it shines, then why don’t you produce it from quartz, etc?
    Because only a diamond spends this unique power and energy thanks to its absolute hardness and durability.
  23. What distinguishes the Diapearl from the black brilliant?
    The Diapearl is produced in high complicated mechanical method.
  24. Are Diapearls more expensive than conventional sea pearls?
    Yes, 10 - 100 times more expensive.
  25. Why are Diapearls more expensive than conventional sea Pearls?
    They cost more, because they are diamonds, which undergo a very complicated mechanical process.
  26. Are Diapearls immune to contra acids?
    Yes, most acids except salt acid and king water - like all diamonds.
  27. Are Diapearls immune to contra temperatures?
    Yes, until 800 C degree, without adding oxygen.
  28. Are Diapeals immune to contra stroke blow?
    Yes, but in seldom cases it can come to splitting.
  29. Are Diapearls immune contra pressure?
    Yes, like all diamonds, but under very high pressure it can come to a cleavage effect.
  30. Are Diapeals immune to contra scratching?
    Yes, except thru other diamonds, because a diamond is a 10 grade on the Mohs hardness scale.
  31. Which jewels are possible and available with Diapearls?
    Like sea pearls, chokers, colliers, necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets.
  32. Is it possible to order an exact specific Diapearls?
    Yes, but it is hard to say, because one can never know what will come out from the rough diamond.
  33. What is the Value of a Diapearl?
    The value of Diapearl depends on it 4 Cs quality.  It fluctuates between as low as $500 to as high as $26,000 per carat.
  34. What is largest Diapearl ever created?
    It is about 45 Carats, but it is in planning to produce a larger black Diapearl.
  35. What is the average waiting time for an order to be delivered?
    In principal between 6 - 12 months, however it can be longer for more specific demand, i.e. a choker.
  36. Is there deposit required for ordering a Diapearl?
    Yes, there is 20% initial deposit is required, and the final balance payment must be paid before shipping.

The Diapearl can be custom ordered to your taste!

If you like to get more information for delivery and price,
please contact The Jewelry Hut Customer Service.

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