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The Jewelry Hut Diamond Moments

Celebrate unforgettable moments with Trust, Confidence, and Security

Everyone has a story...

The most memorable stories resolve around key emotional moments. These moments can be small, everyday blessings, or occasions that are more monumental.

Significant moments occur in everyone’s life, from small, everyday blessing to occasions that are more monumental. Celebrating these unforgettable moments in life with the Trust, Confidence, and Security of The Jewelry Hut Diamond Jewelry Gift.

The Jewelry Hut Diamond symbolize

  • Your Trust in one another....
  • Your Confidence in a new beginning....
  • Your lifetime of Security.

Every diamond comes with its own quality assurance document, such as a GIA Diamond Certificate, so you can have Trust, Confidence, and Security when you buy a diamond from

Why a Diamond from The Jewelry Hut?

  • Trust
    Trust is paramount to any lasting relationship.  The Jewelry Hut is an online diamond store retailer who is providing you, our valued customer, with a diamond that is accurately represented.  Diamonds come with their own grading report that is guaranteed to be accurate or with a report from an independent gemological laboratory, such as GIA, AGS, EGL, or HRD.
    Additionally, you can trust that your diamond meets the highest ethical standards. All The Jewelry Hut diamonds comply with the Kimberly Process, which is asystem of warranties that ensure your diamond is conflict-free.
  • Confidence
    Buying a diamond with Confidence is very important in today’s world. You can be confident that your Diamond will maintain its value over time, because ot The Jewelry Hut phenomenal  Trade-Up Program. When you are ready, you can trade in your Diamond from The Jewelry Hut toward a new diamond (Diamonds must be in their original condition to qualify for the Trade-Up Program) of greater value.
  • Security
    An essential ingredient of The Jewelry Hut Diamond experience is the sense of Security.  Your Diamond comes with an option to buy “loss protection” for one full year, making sure your diamond is properly protected. This provides you with coverage against theft, loss, or mysterious disappearance. The coverage of  your diamond begins on the day of your purchase.  There is no deductible.
    In addition to the loss protection, you can have peace of mind in knowing that the diamond you purchased is unique.  Each diamond from The Jewelry Hut comes with the added security of a unique identifier. Etched on the girdle of the diamond is a laser engraved number that matches your diamond grading report. This number allows for proof positive identification.

What will your Diamond moment Be?

  • Happy Birthdays
    Treasured birthdays are best remembered and rewarded with a gift of diamond jewelry. Celebrate significant birthdays throughout the year with a gift of Diamond Jewelry from The Jewelry Hut.
    Today we celebrate the day my wonderful wife was born. She takes care of just about everything and never asks for much in return. I decided to surprise her with a gift of
    Diamond Jewelry from The Jewelry Hut.  She was absolutely ecstatic.  I definitely scored bonus points on this one.

  • A Couple’s Love
    Couples who are in loving and committed relationships. An engagement ring, a diamond ring, a diamond earrings, a diamond pendant, a diamond necklace, or diamond bracelet has a broad appeal.
    We were snuggling in front of the fireplace tonight and time suddenly stood still. Just as I realized he was The One, he surprised me with a gift of
    diamond jewelry from The Jewelry Hut.  Our future promises to be a bright one.

  • Celebrate the Birth of a Child
    In the life of a couple, no other event is more life changing than becoming a parent.
    As we lay watching her, my husband reached over and handed me a gift.  He said that it was mine to wear and cherish until .the time came to pass it on to our daughter. As I unwrapped the
    gift of diamond jewelry from The Jewelry Hut, I knew that he was as in love with her as I was.

  • Happy Anniversary Moment
    How does a man tell a woman he would do it all again after 20 years? A gift of diamond jewelry says it better than mere words.
    Tonight, I fell in love with my husband all over again.  To celebrate our anniversary, he recreated the night he proposed to me. He even got down on one knee again!  When he gave me
    a gift diamond jewelry from The Jewelry Hut, I knew, This was a moment I would remember forever.

  • Coming of Age
    Her first Diamond
    Capturing the attention of the younger generation is a challenge.  What has greater value the a gift of diamond jewelry? Especially as a gift from father to daughter, this Diamond Moment story asks the question; “Shouldn’t her first diamond jewelry gift be from you?”  Whether it is a Quinceanera, Sweet 16 or a gift upon graduation, this Diamond Moment Story has emotional appeal for the parents of young women.
    I still remember her struggling to take her first steps, yet tonight she looked so confident as she took her first steps of adulthood.  As she opened the
    Diamond Jewelry Gift from The Jewelry Hut we gave her, I realized that my little girl is all grown up.

  • True Luxuries
    I deserve The Best
    Many women desire attainable and aspirational luxury jewelry products as a way to reward themselves for their hard work.  What better better product to chose than a gift Diamond Jewelry?  And what diamonds can be better than the Diamond from The Jewelry hut, the diamonds that deliver Trust, Confidence, and Security along with brilliance.
    I have finally made it!  All my time and hard work is paying off.  Today I landed my dream job. I deserved to celebrate this moment with something special, so I bought a
    Diamond Jewelry gift from The Jewelry Hut.

Anniversary Gemstones For Fine Jewelry

  • 1st Anniversary: Gold Jewelry
  • 2nd Anniversary: Garnet Jewelry
  • 3rd Anniversary: Cultured or Natural Pearl Jewelry
  • 4th Anniversary: Blue Topaz Jewelry
  • 5th Anniversary: Sapphire Jewelry
  • 6th Anniversary: Amethyst Jewelry
  • 7th Anniversary: Onyx Jewelry
  • 8th Anniversary: Tourmaline Jewelry
  • 9th Anniversary: Lapis Lazuli Jewelry
  • 10th Anniversary:  Diamond Jewelry
  • 11th Anniversary:  Turquoise Jewelry
  • 12th Anniversary:  Jade Jewelry
  • 13th Anniversary:  Citrine Jewelry
  • 14th Anniversary:  Opal Jewelry
  • 15th Anniversary:  Ruby Jewelry
  • 16th Anniversary:  Peridot jewelry
  • 17th Anniversary:  Fine Watches
  • 18th Anniversary:  Cat’s Eye Gemstone Jewelry
  • 19th Anniversary:  Aquamarine Jewelry
  • 20th Anniversary:  Emerald Jewelry
  • 21st Anniversary:  Iolite Jewelry
  • 22nd Anniversary:  Spinel Jewelry
  • 23rd Anniversary:  Imperial Topaz Jewelry
  • 24th Anniversary:  Tanzanite Jewelry
  • 25th Anniversary:  Silver Jubilee Jewelry
  • 30th Anniversary:  Cultured or Natural Pearl Jewelry
  • 35th Anniversary:  Emerald Jewelry
  • 40th Anniversary:  Ruby Jewelry
  • 45th Anniversary:  Sapphire Jewelry
  • 50th Anniversary:  Golden Jubilee Jewelry
  • 55th Anniversary:  Alexandrite Jewelry
  • 60th Anniversary:  Diamond Jewelry

Birth Gemstones For Fine Jewelry

  • January: Garnet Jewelry
  • February:  Amethyst Jewelry
  • March: Aquamarine or Bloodstone Jewelry
  • April: Diamond Jewelry
  • May: Emerald Jewelry
  • June:  Pearl, Moonstone, or Alexandrite Jewelry
  • July:  Ruby Jewelry
  • August:  Peridot Jewelry
  • September: Sapphire Jewelry
  • October: Opal or Tourmaline Jewelry
  • November:  Topaz or Citrine Jewelry
  • December:  Turquoise, Zricon, Or Tanzanite Jewelry

Birth Gemstones Guide
Their Meanings

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