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While a diamond can be the ultimate symbol of love, it also represents an investment in time, energy and money. You need to feel confident in the integrity of your stone. Not too long ago, the majority of fine gemstone customers relied on two sources to determine the quality of their gems, an appraiser and the jeweler who sold the stone.  Often, that person was one and the same.  However, with proliferation of affordable technologies and an ever present and increasingly sophisticated counterfeit market, many jewelry consumers are now relying on a more precise document that evaluates the true value of gems, the Diamond Certificate.

  • What is Diamond Certification?

A diamond certificate is a printed report based on a gemological analysis of a specific stone. It is prepared in an independent laboratory by certified gemologists.

  • What will a Diamond Certificate tell you?

The Certificate will state the diamondís 4 Cs: Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight.  It will describe the diamondís shape, measurements, table and depth percentages, and grade the polish and symmetry.  It should also comment on characteristics like fluorescence, graining, and imperfections. Often, the certificate will estimate the replacement value of the stone for insurance purposes.  Finally, the certificate should include a detailed sketch of the diamond.

  • Why buy a Certified Diamond?

A Certificate assures a diamond buyer of the quality and authenticity of their stone.  As most consumers are not experts, a certificate allows an objective comparison. In addition, should you resell your gem, the certificate will provide the stamp of authenticity yo will need to get a fair price.  It is also often required if you are going to insure the jewel.  The certification process should take no longer than two working weeks, and the prices per gem varies according to weight.  Most labs charge a service fee per carat.
Market changes have increased the demand for reliable grading or appraisal reports from highly credible organizations.  Since technology is available and relatively affordable, the majority of good quality gems are sold with gemological reports.  The diamond certificate really helps with resale and insurance questions, and it allows the customer to buy and resell with more confidence.  The same is true for us at The Jewelry Hut.

  • AGS - American Gemological Society

AGS laboratories serve an international clientele of retail jewelers, wholesale suppliers, diamond cutters, and manufacturers.  AGS Diamond Quality Document provides a cut grade for round, brilliant cut diamonds in additional to information on all 4 Cís of diamond grading. Rating are given on a scale of 0 to 10.

  • HRD (Hoge Raad Diamant) - Diamond High Council

The nonprofit Diamond High Council is officially recognized representative of Belgian diamond trade. The HRD Certificates Laboratory has grown into one of the largest diamond certification labs in the world.
HRDís Diamond Certificate verifies the authenticity of the diamond. Their report includes a complete quality description of the diamond including shape, weight, clarity, grade, fluorescence, color grade, measurements, proportions and finish grade, possibly supplemented with comments.

  • EGL - European Gemological Laboratory

EGL has defined criteria and standard procedures for accuracy and consistency in it Diamond Certificate and Diamond Consultation.  EGL Certificates are recognized worldwide. Their main clients are diamond wholesalers, dealers, manufacturers, and craftsmen.  EGL dosed not sell diamonds or gem and is totally independent of any Diamond sales group.
EGLís Diamond Certificate records all of the relevant information pertaining to the diamond, including weight, shape and cut, color grade, clarity grade, measurements, proportions, finish, photo luminescence, other physical properties, and plotting. On request, the stone will be sealed in a capsule bearing its description and certificate number.  The unbroken seal assures the customer that the accompanying certificate matches the diamond inside.
The EGL Diamond Consultation is a condensed report on a diamond. Only the carat weight, color grade, clarity, and plotting diagram are recorded. In trade factories, dealers and jewelers make use of the information in a Consultation to set the buying and selling price of the diamond.

  • GIA - Gemological Institute of America

GIA developed the first internationally accepted Diamond Grading System. GIA also introduced the first Diamond Grading Report and set the standard for diamond quality documentation around the world. The GIA Gem Trade Laboratory issues these reports on a majority of high quality diamonds over one carat in size.  It examines most of the worldís important stones, including the famous Hope Diamond. To maintain its position as an unbiased arbiter of standards, GIA is not involved in the buying, selling, or appraising of gems and jewelry.
GIAís Diamond Grading report describes a diamondís weight, cut, proportions, finish, color grade, fluorescence, and clarity grade. No valuation is stated.  Comments are used to describe characteristics not covered by above entries, or on the plotting diagram.  Internal and external identifying characteristics are platted as close to relative size and position as possible.  This serves as an illustration of clarity grade, and further substantiates that the report matches your diamond. Every stone is screened and authenticated, with full coverage for client protection.

  • IGI - International Gemological Institute

Over 250 staff members at IGI issue over 400,000 gem reports annually. IGI has three distinct products: the Diamond Report, Identification Report, and the Information Appraisal report.
IGIís Diamond Report attests to the authenticity of a diamond. It provides a reliable and accurate statement of the stoneís identity and grade, based on an internationally recognized system.  Details include weight, measurements, shape and cut, finish, proportions, clarity, fluorescence, and color.  Upon request, IGI can seal the stone in a plastic box containing a reduced microfilm of original report, to assure the jeweler and the consumer that the gem corresponds to the gemological report.
The IGI Identification report provides information on weight, measurements, shape and cut, finish, proportions, clarity, and color. To further identify the gem, an enlarge photo showing the details is added.
IGIís Information Appraisal Report states the estimated retail replacement value for insurance purposes, expressed in US Dollars. Euro, or other appropriate currencies.

  • Does Certification have an effect on price?

Yes and no.  Usually, a gem has no name, and no discernable history. The purchaser often does not know where the stone was found, who extracted it, who polished it, or the name of the original dealer.  The only document that travels with the gem is the certificate. AS IGI states, it is a ďpassport for your gems.Ē  So, while a certificate might not increase the value of a particular piece, the gem cannot be undervalued or have its authenticity questioned. That makes the certificate a valuable document.

  • How to procure a Certificate?

You can contact the above authorities directly, or visit your local jeweler. Many dealers are regularly in contact with the various labs and can assist you in the process.  Though some dealers will promote their own certification process, we recommend that you employ an independent gemologist, such as one of the leading authorities listed above.

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