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The Jewelry Hut, an Online Fine Jewelry Store is glad to announce the addition of our new
Design and Custom Build Your own Diamond or Gemstone Jewelry”.

Use your imagination and tell us what you want to create, and The Jewelry Hut Expert Jewelry Designers will design and build it for you. Whether it’s a diamond ring, an engagement ring, a colored gemstone ring, an earring,  a bracelet, a necklace, a pendant, or a pearl jewelry; we will design and build it for you.  Just send us an e-mail by using the “Contact Us” form explaining in detail what you like your jewelry piece to look like. Or, if you already have a picture of the jewelry item and want to build one similar to it; simply contact us and tell us what you want. (Note: The Jewelry Hut will have the right to refused recreating any “Brand Name” or “Copyrighted” jewelry item.) We will reply to you with instruction on how to e-mail us your jewelry picture.

You tell us what you want, and our expert jewelry designers will create a detailed color three dimensional image of the jewelry item.  Once it is drawn, it will be sent to you by e-mail for your viewing. When you approve the pictures of the jewelry item, a jewelry casting (or molding) is made to build the gold jewelry piece.  Then, our diamond and gemstone expert will help you select the center or sides diamonds or gemstones for setting.

Below, please review our requirement before making your order to custom build your jewelry piece:

  • There is a minimum purchase order requirement of $2,500.00 for building any jewelry item.
  • We will not rebuild any jewelry item that is copyrighted.
  • There is an initial $400.00 nonrefundable fee to create a 3-D image of the jewelry piece.  This is a few pictures that include a photo realistic 3-D image showing the jewelry item.
  • When you have reviewed the picture and approved and agreed to order the jewelry item. Then, we will make the casting for building the gold metal.  There is a minimum nonrefundable fee of $200.00. This is prototype model used to build the metal gold.
  • The cost of gold metal (14 or 18 KT white or yellow gold and platinum) will also be quoted at this time.
  • Then, our diamond and gemstone expert will assist you in selecting the center and sides stones or stones for the jewelry piece.
  • Finally, A full payment is required before building the jewelry piece.
  • All custom order jewelry are “final sale” and can  not be returned except for defect in the craftsmanship.

When the 3-D image is made for your viewing, we will also provide you with the total cost to build your favorite jewelry piece.  So, you will know, in advance, the total cost of final finished piece including a list of all applicable fees.

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The Resin
and Casting

A brief overview of the process:

  • You come up with the idea such as making a ring, earring, bracelet, necklace, pendant, or brooch.
  • You either put down the design on a paper as a simple sketch with dimensions and specifications: such as ring size center stone preference in carat weight, either a diamond or colored gemstone, round, princess, oval, pear, or etc. Gold metal type, 14 KT, 18 KT in white or yellow, or platinum. Then, send us the drawing with a brief description via E-mail or fax. The Jewelry Hut Fax number is: 775-361-9855.
  • Our expert jeweler designers will transfer the idea to our exclusive program, drawing the design according to your specifications and preferences.
  • When the drawing is ready, we will E-mail a rendering (a 3-D image of how the piece will look for your approval. Feel free to print the picture and draw on top of the rendering with a pen.  This will be the best interpretation of changes needed to make, then e-mail or fax us that printout. You will then get an e-mail with an image of the revised jewelry piece.
  • Upon your approval, then the design data will be transferred to out pre-factory machine which will produce the plastic prototype from the drawing.
  • This plastic the resin prototype will be used to cast the piece in the metal of your choice with the “Lost Wax” technology.
  • The casting will be tumbled and at that point the jewelry piece will be finished.
  • Once the metal jewelry piece is finished, then it will be set with your previously selected diamond(s) or colored gemstone(s).
  • This whole process can take as much as 7 - 14 business days or more depending on the complexity of the design.

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