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Celebrate Sapphire Gemstone Jewelry

Sapphires: The Jewel of The Sky

Sapphire is the Birth Gemstone for month of September. It is also the gem that is recommended for married people who are celebrating their 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries.

Sapphire has been sought after for thousands of years as the ultimate blue gemstone.  The ancient Persians believed that the earth rested on a giant sapphire that gave its blue reflection to the sky, hence the Latin name “Sapphiru”, which mean blue.

Blue sapphires are the most popular gemstone!  Maybe it is because they are legendary; they have been prized by Emperors, Kings, Queens, and jewelry collectors for many years. Royalty has preferred sapphires instead of diamonds for their engagement rings because they are known to be more rarer than diamonds.

Mining location can be lush and beautiful or harsh and demanding.  In Sri Lanka, the rich soil of the rice paddies is the hidden trove and mining is simply a matter of digging down through it to find the gem bearing gravels that have settled to the bottom.  In Madagascar. the locations are much less picturesque and mining is harsher. The Australian fields of sapphires are dry and dusty and the temperature is extreme.  In the U. S., the Montana deposits deny accessibility during the winter season and can only be worked during the more temperate times of the year.

When sapphire are found in their most perfect natural form, sapphire crystals look like little barrels.  They are six sided double pyramids.  Often, they are carried away from their original source, tumbling down rivers and streams for centuries.  After such a tortuous journey they are worn to rounded pebbles, when they discovered, But because of their incredible hardness, many sapphire retain their size.  The world’s largest sapphire gemstone, called the “Millennium Sapphire” weight more than 61000 carats!

The value of a sapphire gemstone depends mostly on its color.  Blue sapphires are available in a range of colors from very light pale blue to very dark navy blue.  The rarest sapphires are the rich, medium royal blue gems.  Sometimes its value become higher if the original source of of the gemstone is known, particularly if the sapphire gems tone is from Burma or Kashmir!

Proven Kashmir sapphires are the most cherished gemstones! They are a deep, rich blue gemstone that fools ones eyes into thinking you are looking at velvet rather than a hard gemstone sapphire.  Almost as highly prized are sapphires from Burma, which can have a similar color but lack the velvet.  The Best Ceylon, or Sri Lanka, sapphires are a wonderful medium blue, sometimes referred to as “cornflower blue”, because they have a slight violetish tinge, but many are peacefully pastel. Thailand, Cambodia, and Australia are known to be the source of the classic navy blue sapphire gemstones.

Size and transparency are also two of the factors in determining the value of a sapphire. Of course the larger a fine sapphire gemstone is, the more rare, and more costly it becomes.  If there are feathers or flaws that are visible, which is more likely seen in lighter sapphires than darker ones, the value may be influenced.



Gemstone treatment is another factor i determining the value of a sapphire gemstone. Because many sapphires are altered during processing, a sapphire that has been treated is always more valuable. It is a rare prize of Mother Nature.

There are many types of sapphire treatments! Many of the treatments are not detectable but it is best to assume that if it is not verified to be untreated, it has undergone some sort of enhancement and that must be disclosed to a customer.  Many methods that processors use to make sapphires look their best are simply carrying out the process that Mother nature does but did not get to accomplish on all the one she created!  For example, when the earth cooled too quickly and some of the gems did not get to bask in the warmth.  Heat is the most common form of treatment and it is used to clarify a sapphire and sometimes to remove secondary colors.

The wide range of quality and price for sapphires make them available to everyone.

Sapphire is the birth gemstone for month of September. Not only is it an appropriate birthday gift of jewelry during the month of September every year, you can acquire matching or coordinating jewelry pieces to build your enviable wardrobe of beautiful wearable fine sapphire jewelry.  Also, do not forget, it is perfect for dads to give mom as a birthing jewelry gift for those little Virgo’s and Libra’s.

Most importantly, sapphire is a popular gemstone, because it appeals to a broad audience and fulfills a range of emotions. Blue brings peace and quiet of mind; it is mentally calming, similar to how green is physically calming.  It is also classic and timeless.  It compliments with any wardrobes. Everyone recognizes sapphires. And everyone knows sapphire are valuable gemstones.

Sapphire gemstone has excellent wearability. Right behind diamonds, sapphire is the hardest of all gems that means it is scratch resistant. Sapphires do not have any temperamental hot spots either, like having vulnerable collision points! They are not prone to chipping and breaking.  Sapphire rings and bracelets can be worn and enjoyed every day without being worried about them.  Sapphire gemstone jewelry are a great choice for today’s busy and active women.

Colored gemstones are made of lot of different minerals, it is best to be cautious of soaking sapphires. Although it is safe to soak sapphires gemstone jewelry in jewelry cleaning machine; it is best not to leave them for a prolonged period or overnight. Use a brush to clean out accumulated grime in the setting, let them dry on a soft cloth. Also, a gentle solution of everyday dish detergent and water will be perfectly safe for sapphires.  Most sapphires will also withstand the vibrations of ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Avoid steam.

All in all, blue sapphires are great choice for many people. Not only it can compliment almost anyone’s personal coloring or complexion, it presents itself in such a variety of colors that almost everyone can find one they fancy. It is rich in legend and symbolism  and because its popularity, represents solid, sustainable, lasting value. Jewelry made sapphires can be passed down through generations and maintains its classic appeal. Sapphire is everyday luxury. It is a mom or a daughter; it is a socialite or a cowgirl!  It is perfect for anytime or for life’s great milestones.

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